Making pots is a meditative act. When my mind is clear, the objects I make reflect the self. I see the process of developing my work as analogous to learning the nature of the self through meditation: driven by intuition, always challenging, and ultimately freeing. I am constantly seeking to uncover the ‘unknowns’ of universes within and without.


The spiral line that commonly appears within my forms is a reference to the wind turbines in West Texas I have spent years driving among. The rhythm and momentum of these machines, steady and unending, help ground me in reality. The ability of these machines to harness cosmic rotational forces has a calming effect, and reminds me of my place in the universe. The forms I am making are refined from intuition on the wheel and sketchbook. I am attracted to the drama of a form that flares in and out. Color is pulled directly from nature. Landscape and nature photography allow me to bring references into the studio.


The drawings on my pots are derived from psychic automatism sketching practice, wherein I focus my mind to be open in an effort to allow my subconscious to spill forth through the pen. I see this as an extension of my meditation practice. Inevitably my mind groups lines into animal forms, and my hand follows shortly after. In paying close attention to what these images are saying, I hope to give voice to my subconscious. To understand the nature of things is at the forefront of why I make.